Wrabness Enabling Works and Drainage

For this project we achieved accreditation to RISQS to undertake works adjacent to the railway. This project was an enormous challenge as the site was approximately 1 mile from the nearest road and was within an ancient woodland allocated SSSI status.

The works required the installation of a new filter drain network along the toe of the railway embankment batter to prevent the build-up of ground water saturating the railway embankment base and weakening it. The length of the site was 500m long and required many trees to be felled to clear a haul route. We proposed a stump protection plan under the haul route to facilitate re growth after the works were complete.

To get to the site we improved an existing access track through a wood to the railway then a haul road across a field to a compound on the edge of the ancient woodland. All materials were delivered to this location and were then distributed through the wood using dumpers. This required a high degree of coordination to ensure sufficient materials were on site plus the haul route and work areas stayed safe.

Once the works were complete we then recovered the haul road material which was then recycled by the original supplier. The ground was then graded to a profile and all stumps recovered and cleaned up. The project was hailed a success by all parties involved including English Nature, Essex Wildlife Trust and Network Rail.

The project won a Gold Green Apple Award in the UK and went on to win a Global environmental award in South Korea. Subsequent re-visits have demonstrated the excellent re-establishment of the wood and the wildlife habitat.


VolkerFitzpatrick/Network Rail