Hickory Close Enabling Works, Edmonton

Amicus were left in a difficult financial position after the main contractor working for Paradigm on this project went bust. Rather than strip the site of all our fencing and materials etc we remained loyal to the project and the main developer and ensured the site was made secure and safe whilst we investigated the options open to us.

At the time of the main contractor collapse we were undertaking all the site clearance and enabling works as a stand alone package. Paradigm were brilliant in this situation and recognised our work to date, our commitment to keep the site safe and our desire to finish the work. As a consequence we were able to negotiate a return to the site just over a month later under a direct contract with Paradigm to complete all the remaining enabling works contract and ensure that Paradigm completed their contractual obligations to the adjacent land owner and Network Rail.

Amicus completed the new site entrance including a car park over a weak EA culvert, new permanent access points into the culvert, haul roads and replacement palisade fence to the NR boundary line. Site access was extremely difficult with the development located on a strip of land next to the railway and dense housing.


Paradigm Housing Group