Brookwood Cemetery, Woking

This was a small project for Toppesfield which we managed and delivered for them effectively as main contractor with Toppesfield undertaking the surfacing element. Brookwood Cemetery is the largest in the UK.

Access was via the internal road network which was extremely poor in places and also very tight. Lorries had to be met at a central area then reversed to the site under a banksman for approx. 1km. We had to be sympathetic to the surrounding area giving priority to visitors and also to the war graves section of the cemetery which was immediately adjacent to the works.

The works involved the reconstruction and widening of a section of the cemetery road network and the construction of a turning loop.

The works were completed on time and also involved Amicus undertaking some additional landscaping for the main client at the end of the main works.


Toppesfield/TATA Steel