View Point Road Fibre Optic Ducts, Felixstowe

As part of the upgrade of facilities at the Radar Tower on Landguard Point a new fibre optic supply was required which necessitated a new BT duct to be installed between Carr Road and Landguard Fort with associated pits to be built and laid in accordance with BT standard details.

Half of the length required an archaeologist to be present and was undertaken within the SSSI area. Traffic management was required alongside the duct works in View Point Road and pedestrian management was required to prevent the general public from entering the works areas.

Turf and excavated material had to be separated to ensure they were returned in the same location during backfill. New timber post and knee rail fencing was required in places. The works were completed on time for BT engineers to pull the new fibre optic cable.

Following the completion of the works the duct route was unnoticeable due to the quality of the backfill and reinstatement works.


Harwich Haven Authority

Harwich Haven Authority