Shotley Pier Renovations – Phase 1

Amicus were awarded this project in early 2020 but the start was delayed due to the Covid virus and lockdown. Once works got underway in the summer we engaged with the client and the community to deliver the first phase of this unique and ambitious project.

The first 50m of old deck and support beams were removed and any timber that could be re-used was set aside.

We undertook trial excavations on the timber piles to assess their condition below the shore level and they were found to be in good condition. However, a number of piles above the shore level were in a poor condition so these were cut away and new Greenheart timbers were spliced onto the existing using stainless steel plates and bolts.

New Greenheart crossheads were installed on the piles followed by new longitudinal beams and the new deck structure to rebuild the pier to 30m from the quay side.

The client is planning future phases to continue extending the pier and to provide new parapet rails and is actively fund raising.

Visit their website for more information on the pier and the fund raising efforts.


Shotley Heritage Charitable Community Benefit Society Ltd

Shotley Pier Renovations – Phase 1 - Amicus Civil Engineering Ltd