Launch Jetty Painting Phase 1, Harwich Port

The client tendered this project based on it being completed over two phases on successive summers. The Launch Jetty is HHA’s key asset to deliver their Pilot Boat service and utility vessel support which runs 24/7.

The works involved shot blasting the structural steel framework and piles which support the timber deck and beams, replacement of structural bolts, steel repairs where necessary and application of a specialist marine paint. This phase concentrated on the section from the quay side to the first movement joint which was approximately 1/3 of the length of the jetty. This involved works within the beach area which required coordination with beach users to ensure the general public was kept safe at all times.

We were required to excavate approximately 2m depth of sand from under the jetty and stockpiled on each side of the jetty. Works had to be coordinated in the tidal range to erect platforms and screens and then remove and clear to prevent flooding of the work equipment. Scaffold platforms were hung from the timber beams for access over the water. The level was set to provide access for personnel and to maximise the number of days available for work without the tide over topping the platform.

A terram geotextile was used to capture all the spent shot blast grit and rust which was then collected and taken to the jetty top for removal off site. The shot blasting and painting operation was set up along the jetty edge to allow forklift and vehicle access along the jetty at all times.

The works were completed ahead of schedule with the client very satisfied with the quality of planning of the work.


Harwich Haven Authority

Harwich Haven Authority