Ha’Penny Pier Timber Repairs – Phases 1 and 2

This project was completed over two phases. Phase 1 was Oct to Dec 2016 and Phase 2 Oct to Dec 2017. This was planned to minimise disruption to pier users. Ha’Penny Pier is one of only two completely timber pier structures left in the UK and is approximately 160 years old. Much of the timber structure dates back to the original build.

Amicus surveyed the structure in 2015 and developed a repair strategy with the client to target the most rotten piles and beams. Greenheart timber was used for the replacement piles and Ekki timber for the beams. The piles were 12m long and 300mm x 300mm in section. The timber beams were mostly 10m long and 150mm wide x 300mm deep and weighed 0.5t each. A scaffold access system was suspended from the pier deck to provide access to the different beam connection levels. Bespoke lifting points were fabricated to drop down between the deck timber boards and span between then.

Block and tackle were then suspended from the points to facilitate removal of the old beams and installation of the new ones. New piles were installed using a crane barge in Phase 1 and a long reach excavator on a large pontoon in Phase 2. They were hammered in to refusal and the tops trimmed off. Old beams were cut out into short manageable lengths using a chainsaw. These off cuts have been used by locals for items such as wood turning for bowls, furniture and shelving, museum display and even pencils. No timber went to waste.

Both phases were successfully completed on time allowing the annual Harwich Christmas and New Year firework display to be undertaken from its traditional location with the pier fully open.


Harwich Haven Authority

Harwich Haven Authority