Ha’Penny Pier Pontoon Refurbishment Phase 2

This is the second of three pontoons to be refurbished at Ha’Penny Pier.

The first pontoon was successfully completed for Easter 2018. This second pontoon was completed using the same principles as the first. It was towed to a berth at the adjacent Navy Yard where 90t of in-situ concrete ballast was broken out and removed from the pontoons 10 compartments.

The pontoon was then lifted out of the water and transported through Harwich on an abnormal load lorry with police escort to Harwich International Port. It was then lifted onto steel trestles and a scaffold tent erected over it. Inside this tent the pontoon was stripped down, received UHP water blasting and shot blasting, steel plate repairs, new steel deck and fender supports, a final shot blast, painting, rubber fenders and deck finishes.

The pontoon was then returned to the water where it was re-ballasted and finally located back on to its pile guides at Ha’Penny Pier.


Harwich Haven Authority

Harwich Haven Authority